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Mirror images on the ring

Vienna is a city of art and culture. It comes as no surprise that numerous museums can be found around the Ringstrasse. The two most important are the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Naturhistorisches Museum opposite the entrance to the Hofburg.
Built by Carl Hasenauer and Gottfried Semper, the two buildings face each other like mirror images, separated by a park and by the monument to Empress Maria Theresa. As already mentioned, opposite the entrance to the Hofburg. This is worth mentioning because Semper, who was originally supposed to act as a juror for the designs received from Carl Hasenauer, Theophil Hansen, Heinrich Ferstel and Moritz Löhr, drew up a general plan for a much larger project. It stretched from the Hofburg to today’s Museumsquartier.
The so-called Kaiserforum envisaged that the castle would have a building as mirrored as the museums, but this project, after several delays, was abandoned by order of the emperor in 1913. The two museums, however, were completed in 1880 and inaugurated in 1891.
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